A guide to Miami Hedge Fund Week 2023

The hedge fund industry's most concentrated collection of events are held in Miami in late January. Here's a guide.

Note: this article was published in December 2022. For the most current guide, see A Guide to Miami Hedge Fund Week 2024.

Miami Hedge Fund Week has become something of a phenomenon.

Each year, in late January, multiple hedge fund and investment conferences are held in Miami over a compressed time period.

For 2023, eight of these conferences are scheduled, with the first one starting on January 22 and the final one ending on February 2.

The number of Miami Hedge Fund Week conferences has grown over time as existing events attract new ones targeting the large number of investment managers, allocators and service providers heading to Florida.

In aggregate, the conferences and surrounding events will bring thousands of hedge fund and investment industry professionals to Miami for an intense period of networking, dealmaking and knowledge sharing.

Quick Facts

Here are a few facts and clarifications about the week:

  • There is no official body coordinating the conferences. Rather, “Miami Hedge Fund Week” has become an informal name to describe the collection of events scheduled around each other.
  • It's no longer a "week", but rather two weeks. A set of four conferences are taking place between Jan. 22-27, followed by another four between Jan. 30 - Feb. 2.
  • Regarding conference types, half are “cap intro” style, dominated by prescheduled meetings between managers, allocators and others. The other half are traditional conferences, focused on content and networking.
  • Both of the hedge fund industry’s main associations (AIMA and MFA) are holding conferences.
  • While hedge funds are the main focus, some events cover adjacent areas such as private credit, private placements, digital assets, alternative data and equity trading.
  • The events begin with Context365's cap intro conference, and conclude with overlapping cap intro conferences by iConnections and MFA.

List of Conferences

Since there is no organizing body for Miami Hedge Fund Week, there is no official list of events. Listed below are eight conferences we’ve identified, along with a summary of information posted by the organizers.

This list includes conferences which are commonly referenced as part of the week. It also includes additional conferences which are not strictly “hedge fund” events, but will be of interest to hedge fund managers and allocators.

Context365 by Apex Miami

Organizer: Context365 by Apex

Dates: January 22-25

Location: InterContinental Miami

Description: Conference bringing together investors and alternative investment managers for prescheduled one-on-one meetings. The event also features networking and panels. It typically attracts around 2,000 allocators, managers and service providers.

Equities Leaders Summit

Organizer: Worldwide Business Research

Dates: January 23-25

Location: Eden Roc Miami Beach

Description: Conference for equity trading leaders, including professionals from the buy side, sell side, trading platforms, technology partners and regulators. The agenda covers a range of equity trading topics, trends and technologies.

Private Placements Industry Forum

Organizer: Informa

Dates: January 23-26

Location: 1 Hotel South Beach

Description: Conference for the private placement industry, attracting 650+ issuers, investors, agents and advisors for panels, presentations and networking. As part of the event, banks host private spaces for meeting and dealmaking.

BattleFin Discovery Day Miami

Organizer: BattleFin

Dates: January 25-27

Location: Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach

Description: The event connects 100+ alternative data companies with data buyers (such as hedge funds) through one-on-one meetings. Days 1-2 focus on alternative data, and days 2-3 focus on digital assets. In addition to meetings, there are content sessions featuring alternative data and digital assets solutions providers.

MFA Digital Investing 2023

Organizer: Managed Funds Association (MFA)

Date: January 30

Location: Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Description: Digital assets and crypto conference for alternative asset management and institutional investor organizations who are investing in digital assets or considering doing so. The agenda covers policy and regulation, investment opportunities, operational best practices, and risk management.

MFA Network 2023

Organizer: Managed Funds Association (MFA)

Dates: January 31 - February 1

Location: Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Description: The MFA’s flagship business development and networking event for the alternative investment industry. The conference gathers allocators, hedge fund managers, and service providers for one-on-one meetings, educational programming and peer-to-peer, investor-led discussions.

AIMA & ACC's Private Credit Investor Forum

Organizer: Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and its Alternative Credit Council

Date: January 30

Location: Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Description: Conference bringing together private credit managers along with allocators and other industry participants to network and discuss key trends shaping allocator sentiment and the evolution of the asset class. The event is held in partnership with iConnections (which holds the Global Alts conference which immediately follows).

Global Alts 2023

Organizer: iConnections

Dates: January 30 - February 2

Location: Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Description: Cap intro conference for the alternative investment industry, featuring prescheduled one-on-one meetings between allocators and managers. It also has 150 speakers, discussing public markets, private markets, digital assets and tactical trading. The organizer expects 3,000 attendees, 1,000 of which will be allocators.

Other Events

In addition to the eight conferences listed above, many associations, managers and service providers will be holding events during Miami Hedge Fund Week, featuring networking, socializing, dealmaking and briefings. For some examples, see 361Firm, AYU and Dakota.

And in nearby Palm Beach, the longstanding Morgan Stanley "Breakers" conference is scheduled from January 30 - February 1. Also in Palm Beach, the Commodity Markets Council is holding its annual State of the Industry conference from January 22-24.

We'll continue to update this list as we come across new information. If the list is missing any significant events, please contact us and we'll add them.

Note: conference and event information can change; please refer to the event organizers' websites for the latest and most accurate information.

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